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Working for You

With more than 25 years’ experience in Catholic communications, Patrick Novecosky has assembled a team of experts to bring life to Catholic organizations’ communications efforts.

Patrick founded NovaMedia in 2016 to meet a growing need for professional, high-quality marketing for Catholic leaders. As Legatus’ Publications Director for 12 years, he transformed the organization’s marketing, media relations, and PR efforts, achieving national media coverage for the now well-known membership organization for Catholic business leaders.

As one of America’s most accomplished young Catholic communicators, he is the winner of more than two dozen awards from the Catholic Press Association of the United States. Patrick has written for some of America’s top Catholic publications including the National Catholic Register, Our Sunday Visitor, Catholic Digest and others.

Throughout his storied career, Patrick has edited and written for magazines and newspapers across North America and Europe. He has been published in five languages. He’s traveled to 26 countries and has been blessed with the opportunity to kiss the ring of Pope St. John Paul II four times, and he made Pope Francis laugh out loud.