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Connecting with your audience

You’ve got a message. You’ve got an audience. But are you connecting? We will make it happen, whether you’re communicating with the news media, your customers, parishioners, donors, or the world at large.


We’ll take a look at your messaging and your audience. Messages sometimes don’t connect with their intended target. Our audience analysis involves gathering and interpreting information about the recipients of your oral, written, or visual communication. We’ll create a profile of your intended audience to ensure your message is heard and understood.

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Successful firms anticipate and meet their audience’s needs. We will craft your content to connect with your target, ensuring a greater response to your message.


Fresh thinking followed by innovative action attracts attention. With NovaMedia’s careful analysis, confident messaging, and artful delivery, you can count on a greater response from your audience.

NovaMedia works to build the kingdom of God by advancing the faith- and life-affirming messages of its clients