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Past World Youth Days

Krakow, 2016

According to the legend the name Krakow comes from the prince, called Krak, who used to rule the city. Although people inhabited this part of the land already in Stone Age, it is probable that the settlement of the city was built here between 6th-8th century – as one of the 5 mounds that dates back to this period, is believed to be Krak’s grave.   Read More..

Błonia Park will host the main events during the week of World Youth Day: the Opening Ceremonies, the Papal Welcome Ceremony, and the Stations of the Cross. A vast meadow with an area of 48 hectares, Błonia Park is directly adjacent to the historic center of Kraków.   Read More..

World Youth Day 2016: Krakow – The Official Pilgrim Prayer for this years world youth day. Click the link to check it out!  Read More..

Brazil, 2013

In 1889, Brazil became a republic and Rio remained the political capital. In the following years, Rio began its transition to a modernized city.  The Central Zone was destroyed to make way for newer buildings and widened avenues. Land reclamation was essential to the rebuilding of the Central Business District. Hills were being destroyed and used as infill to develop swampy land.   Read More..

Named in honor of Our Lady of Copacabana, Copacabana Beach begins at Princesa Isabel Avenue and ends at Posto Seis (lifeguard watchtower Six). Copacabana Beach hosts millions during the annual New Year’s Eve celebrations and, in most years, has been the official venue of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. Read More..

The Official World Youth Day 2013 Event Schedule for when you’re in Rio, Brazil. You can download the event schedule and keep it with you at all times, or download our app on your phone.  Read More..

Madrid, 2011

Madrid has been populated since prehistoric times, by Iberians and Celtic tribes, then later by Romans, and by Visigoth tribes after the fall of Rome. Much of this is known through archaeological finds. In the 9th century, Moors constructed a wall (Mayrit) and fortress on the shores of the river Manzanares. Moors ruled until conquered by Alfonso VI in 1085 who consecrated the Mosque as a Catholic Church, Our lady of Almudena.  Read More..

Pilgrims will be able to stay at the venues until the evening of Sunday, August 21 (spending the night included). On the night of Saturday, August 20, they will sleep with a mat and sleeping bag at Cuatro Vientos Air Base. That day, the venues will remain closed. The venues will close permanently on the morning of Monday, August 22.   Read More..

“Credentials”, also known as Certificates of Participation, will be sent to all pilgrims who have completed their registration for WYD. These documents prove a young person’s involvement in WYD and are needed to justify their entry into Spain. Depending on the pilgrim’s home country, these qualifications may reach them in two different ways.   Read More…


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