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What is a Pilgrimage?

WorldYouthDay.com and JMJ Youth share a common mission with youth ministers around the world: to evangelize, catechize and change lives.  We create opportunities for young people to open their hearts to the Grace of God on pilgrimages.


Groups of 10 to 1,000 can build a custom World Youth Day pilgrimage that includes any number of pilgrimage extensions options. Churches, Clubs, Families, or Friends can all go to WYD together! If you’re just going on your own, check out the Individual Pilgrimages.


Our “UNITED” pilgrimages are open groups made up of English-speaking, young adult individuals (18-39) and small groups from around the world.  Each pilgrim reserves his or her own flights to the WYD host city. Your JMJyouth WYD Guide meets you at the airport.

Day 1 Arrive, check into lodging, and prepare for WYD
Day 2 Panama City Tour, WYD Opening Ceremonies
Day 3 Morning catechesis, WYD cultural events
Day 4 Morning catechesis, Welcoming Ceremonies for our Holy Father
Day 5 Morning catechesis, WYD cultural events and Way of the Cross
Day 6 Pilgrimage walk, evening prayer Vigil with our Holy Father
Day 7 Morning Mass with our Holy Father, walk back to Panama City
Day 8 Depart for home or a post-WYD pilgrimage extension

Many groups choose to extend their pilgrimage before or after World Youth Day. Our recommendations for extending your pilgrimage include:

  • Days in the Diocese – Panamá*
  • Days in the Diocese – Costa Rica*
  • Day Trip: Rainforest Escape
  • Day Trip: Panama Canal Bonus
  • Day Trip: Panama Canal Train
  • Day Trip: Panama Canal Ferry Cruise
  • Panamá Rainforest Retreat
  • Costa Rica (Sold Out)
  • México
  • Perú
  • Custom Extension

*These options are only available before World Youth Day.

JMJyouth WYD Guide support

  • Round-trip airfare (from the US and Canada)
  • Estimated airline taxes and fees
  • Airport transfers by coach bus
  • Lodging of your choice
  • WYD Registration Fees
  • WYD Meals
  • WYD backpack and credential delivery
  • Panama City Tour
  • Local SIM card for the group leader
  • One free package for every 10 paid pilgrims

Be POPE: Part Of the Pilgrimage Experience!

Unforgettable pilgrimages to World Youth Day with JMJ Youth, the official pilgrimage provider for WorldYouthDay.com


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